I have been providing garden & landscaping services for the last 15+ years having previously worked in the Agricultural Industry for over 20 years.

I farmed on the family farm for a few years before joining Renault Agriculture for 2 years before returning to farm until 1990 when I returned to Renault.

Growing plants, trees etc has always been a big interest having started planting things at a young age on the farm, often hedgelaying was a big catalist as we always planted the gaps up and but into native fruit trees like wild cherry and pear.

Since I got my own garden in the early 1990’s that interest exploded into major plant nerdiness!

Day to day I’m involved with everyting from small herbacous borders to large arboretum, from common cottage plants to very rare trees.

The walnut business has since encroached into that and now takes up a good amount of time and an interest into Carya & Juglans cultivars and species has become a bit more than a hobby!

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