Welcome to my web site which has been simplified recently solely to provide a contact point for my business and services.

The business has evolved over the years and although I still undertake landscaping it tends to be soft landscaping & fencing rather than whole garden makeovers.

The majority of my work is now mainly ‘horticultural’ and covers everything from Arboretum planting & maintenance and advice to basic garden maintenance covering everything from Bulb planting to tree pruning.

I also spend some of my time with the farm in Burmington and the Walnut Orchard and business.

This is evolving into more than the planting & tree maintenance and now includes the commercial sale of Juglans & Carya trees, orchard planting and advice.

You can read more about that here;

www.granaryoils.co.uk and www.warwickshirewalnuts.co.uk